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00000JAPAN": Japan's Unified Communication Shield in Emergencies

Source: Rakuten Mobile

Tokyo, Japan - In a proactive move to ensure seamless communications during crises, the Wireless LAN Business Promotion Liaison Committee (Wi-Biz) and Japan's leading mobile operators have come together to enhance the utility of "00000JAPAN".

NTT DoCoMo, Inc., KDDI Corporation, Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company, Softbank Corporation, and Rakuten Mobile, Inc. have revised guidelines to ensure the public remains connected after a major disaster or large-scale communication failure.

Why it matters

In the digital age, emergency communication is even more critical.  

"00000JAPAN," which goes live today, is a testament to strategic thinking and timely action to address potential communications challenges and ensure the Japanese public remains connected even in the most challenging times.

The Key Points

  • Guideline Revisions: Effective May 2023, Wi-Biz has adjusted the "Guidelines for the Free Opening of Public Wireless LAN Services in the Event of a Major Disaster" to meet the needs of these major carriers. This amendment allows the initiation of "00000JAPAN," not only in the event of natural disasters but also in the event of any communication failure.
  • Access During Communication Failure: In the event of significant disruption by the aforementioned mobile phone companies, "00000JAPAN" will be available from access points provided by mobile phone companies, public wireless LAN providers, and participating local governments. Anyone with a wireless LAN-enabled device - a smartphone, tablet, or PC - can connect to "00000JAPAN" to maintain Internet access.
  • User Awareness: An essential note for potential users is that "00000JAPAN" prioritizes convenience over encryption. This decision was made with emergency scenarios in mind. However, individuals are directed to the official Wi-Biz site for more detailed information and precautions regarding its use.

What is next?

The collaboration between Wi-Biz and Japan's top mobile operators illustrates the nation's commitment to using technology in crisis management.

More details can be found on the Wi-Biz official website for those interested in a deeper understanding of "00000JAPAN" and its guidelines.

How this initiative will play out in real-world scenarios remains to be seen, but the intent and foresight are clear. In an age where communication is vital, ensuring its continuity during emergencies is paramount.