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2023's Must-Watch Korean Shows and Films by Kakao Entertainment

Source: Kakao Entertainment

Seoul, South Korea - Kakao Entertainment Becomes Korean Content Arsenal for 2023.

Why It Matters

Kakao Entertainment is setting the stage for the South Korean entertainment industry in the second half of 2023, strengthening its position as a global production powerhouse.

The Key Points

  • The company's 2023 slate is diverse and a testament to its robust production capabilities, following a successful 2022 with popular titles such as Business Proposal, Hunt, and Narco-Saints.
  • Kakao Entertainment's multi-studio system is designed to allow individual production houses to maximize their creative potential and achieve organic synergy.
  • Expectations are high for projects such as Song of the Bandits, a Netflix series premiering September 22, and The Worst of Evil, a Disney+ original series premiering September 27.

What's next?

Prioritizing creator autonomy, the company has established a multi-studio system that allows independent production houses to exercise their creative powers fully.

Their upcoming projects range from adaptations of original stories to original content aimed at a global audience across multiple platforms, including streaming, TV, and film.

The TV dramas "Not Others" and "The First Responders Season 2" have already caught viewers' attention. The dramas, both produced by subsidiaries of Kakao Entertainment, have garnered impressive ratings.

The recently released film "Concrete Utopia" is also generating buzz as it's been selected to represent South Korea at next year's Academy Awards in the Best International Feature Film category.

This adds another layer of anticipation for what the company has in store.

Another notable endeavor is "Song of the Bandits," a Netflix series launching on September 22 that features a star-studded cast including Seohyun and Yoo Jae-myung.

Set in the turbulent 1920s under Japanese occupation, the drama promises intense action and complex relationships.

Not to be missed, "The Worst of Evil" will air on Disney+ in September.

Set in the 1990s, this crime drama about an undercover cop who infiltrates a criminal gang promises a heady mix of action and intrigue.

The Big Picture

In addition to these projects, Kakao Entertainment has more than 30 dramas and movies in the pipeline.

According to Jang Se-jeong, Head of Scripted Content Business at Kakao Entertainment, the company aims to create high-quality titles that transcend platform boundaries and appeal to a global audience.

This impressive line-up positions Kakao Entertainment as a major player in South Korea and on the world stage, contributing to the ongoing globalization of South Korean content.

With the strong synergy of its multi-studio system and investment in quality projects, Kakao Entertainment remains a company to watch in the evolving landscape of global entertainment.