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Adriel's Global Expansion Deepens with VivaTech Participation

Source: Viva Technology

Why it matters: Adriel CEO Sophie Eom recently spoke at the Viva Technology 2023 (VivaTech) conference in Paris, where she outlined the company's international growth strategy and provided insight into the broader Korean startup ecosystem.

VivaTech, a leading European startup event, facilitates dialogue between emerging companies and potential investors.

The Key points:

  • Eom participated in a session titled "Booming Korean Startup Ecosystem," which provided an overview of the current state of Korean startups and their increasing global competitiveness.
  • She noted that the younger generation in Korea is actively launching global businesses, which she attributed to their international experience and language skills.
  • In addition, Eom highlighted the role of Korean content in making the country more attractive to global talent.
  • Adriel, a provider of ad operations solutions, met with various companies during the event and demonstrated its digital marketing tools amid growing concerns about an economic downturn.

The Big Picture: Adriel, already targeting the North American market through its Austin, Texas branch, is planning to enter the European market in earnest with this VivaTech opportunity.

The company provides a platform that allows brands and agencies to automate and streamline their marketing efforts by consolidating data and insights in one place.

Adriel has worked with over 7,000 companies to drive growth through its platform.

This expansion indicates a broader trend of Korean startups expanding their global footprint.