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Advancing Medical Imaging: LG Launches 32HQ713D Diagnostic Monitor

Source: LG Electronics

Why it matters: LG Electronics has introduced the 32HQ713D, a 31.5-inch diagnostic monitor.

It's the company's first medical monitor to use IPS Black technology, which delivers sharp images, vibrant colors, and a contrast ratio 2,000:1.

This technological advancement is designed to support medical professionals by providing higher image quality and clarity for various medical applications.

The Key Points

  • LG's 8-megapixel diagnostic monitor offers adjustable screen resolution via multi-resolution mode to accommodate different medical images such as X-rays, mammograms, and CT scans.

  • LG has incorporated a front calibration sensor for automatic self-calibration to ensure consistent image quality. Image stability is critical in the medical diagnostic field.

  • The monitor offers Focus View Mode and Pathology Mode. The former allows highlighting specific image areas, while the latter ensures image clarity as if viewed through a microscope.

  • User-friendly features include six hotkeys for setting adjustments, a presence sensor for power savings, and a one-click adjustable stand for ergonomic comfort.

The Big Picture: The release of the 32HQ713D reflects LG's commitment to innovating and improving medical imaging technology.

This product launch is significant given the growing demand for reliable and high-quality imaging in the medical field.

The company plans to continue providing medical monitors that meet the specific needs of medical professionals," said Silas Choi, vice president and head of the B2B Solution Business Division at LG Electronics Business Solutions Company.