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Apple Pay Partners with Toss Payments to Expand Payment Network

Source: Toss Payments

Apple Pay has selected Toss Payments as its official payment gateway partner in South Korea.

Toss Payments announced today that they will work together to build an online payment network, recruit merchants and operate the payment system in South Korea.

Toss Payments is a pay-tech subsidiary of Toss, a leading fintech platform in South Korea.

It provides various online payment solutions for e-commerce and digital content platforms. It also offers a ‘payment widget’ service that allows anyone to integrate a simple payment with just one click.

Through this partnership, Toss Payments will actively support merchants to quickly and conveniently introduce Apple Pay in their shopping malls.

It will also provide a variety of integration methods to suit merchants’ preferences, including direct integration with electronic payment systems.

CEO of Toss Payments said: “Toss Payments has experience and expertise in working with various global companies based on its high technology and security capabilities. As partners, we will do our best to help Apple Pay establish and grow in the South Korean market.

Apple Pay is an easy and secure way to make payments across Apple devices – iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac – and can be used at offline merchants, in apps, and online.

It is expected to attract many South Korean consumers who value the convenience and security of online transactions.

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