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Asia Pacific's Digital Rise: Insights from GSMA M360 APAC

Source: GSMA 

Seoul, South Korea - This year's GSMA M360 APAC event was held in Seoul.

Sponsored by South Korean telecommunications company KT (NYSE: KT), the event brought together industry leaders from across the Asia Pacific to discuss the evolution of mobile technology and the importance of digital services to the region's economies.

Why it matters:

The reach of mobile broadband, which covers 96% of the Asia Pacific population, points to a digital transformation in the region.

The impact is significant across multiple sectors, with a projected investment of around $260 billion in network development by 2030, primarily focused on 5G.

The Key Points:

  • Industry Overview: Mats Granryd, Director General of the GSMA, provided data reflecting the industry's growth. He mentioned that networks cover 95% of the world's population, translating to 5.4 billion unique users. Discussions on technologies such as Web 3.0, AI, and intelligent connectivity highlighted the importance of connectivity. Granryd hinted at a potential industry focus on technology communication devices.
  • From KT: Young Shub Kim, CEO of KT Corporation, spoke about integrating ICT with IT and CT. He outlined KT's focus areas: AI, big data, cloud, and 5G.
  • GSMA Report: The newly launched GSMA Digital Societies report documented the digital progress of APAC countries. It highlighted the role of mobile broadband, accessed by 96% of the APAC population.
  • The report states that mobile operators plan to invest $259 billion in their networks between 2023 and 2030. It also suggests potential government roles supporting the mobile industry, from fiscal considerations to infrastructure development.
  • AI in APAC: Data suggests that the role of AI is growing in the Asia Pacific region. Notably, four countries in the area - Singapore, South Korea, Australia, and Japan - are ranked in the top 10 of the 2022 Government AI Readiness Index.
  • Collaboration aspect: The report touches on the importance of a unified government strategy and international collaboration, given the broad scope of the digital domain.

What else

More than just a conference, the GSMA M360 APAC event is an opportunity for the mobile industry to collaborate.

As the Asia Pacific region embarks on its digital journey, events like M360 provide a platform for discussion and exchanging ideas.