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b.stage Expands Global Reach with New Partnerships

Source: b.stage

Seoul, South Korea - b.stage has partnered with international artists and content creators to expand its global reach.

The company has secured collaborations with American content creators Triplett Family Network, hip-hop artist Geo, artist John Mackk, Japanese K-culture community Tokyo Shin-Okubo, and Japanese idol groups ENJIN-円神 and BananaLemon.

The most notable partnership is with World of Dance, the entertainment brand known for its premier dance competition. 

The two companies plan to build a global fan community by leveraging b.stage's IT technology and World of Dance's brand recognition and partner network.

Steve Wooseok Seo, CEO of b.stage, said,

"IPs with fan communities are becoming more influential worldwide, and the market is increasing. We will take the lead in spreading the scalability of the fandom business beyond the U.S. and Japan to broader international markets."

The American celebrity creator group, "The Triplett Family," also opened a b.stage to foster more meaningful interactions with their fans, offering exclusive content and behind-the-scenes insights into their lives.

In Japan, b.stage launched an online community called "" in collaboration with Tokyo's most prominent South Korean cultural center. 

The Japanese idol group ENJIN has also adopted b.stage to expand its fan base internationally.