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B.stage Launches "Onsite Pickup" to Streamline Event Merch Purchases

Source: b.Stage

Seoul, South Korea - A fandom community-dedicated platform, b.stage, has expanded its features to “Onsite Pickup.”

What Do They Offer:

This feature aims to streamline purchasing merchandise at fan events, such as concerts and festivals. 

The "Onsite Pickup" allows fans to pre-order items online through the b.stage Shop and collect them at the event venue. 

Customers receive a QR code upon purchase, which they can use to claim their items at the event. 

Why Should Fans or Merchants Adapt the Feature:

The new system allows fans to focus on the experience by reducing event wait time.

It can also increase business efficiency and growth by helping fandom business owners monitor demand and sales in real-time.

The Reference and What They Say:

Take eSports team T1, who took advantage of on-site pickup at their T1CON 2023 event. 

Some items sold out within an hour, so they sold merchandise online to paying and non-paying members. 

Fans could pick up their merchandise at the event by showing their QR codes. 

The feature bridges online and offline fan activities, making it more convenient for fans, said the b.stage representative.

What Comes Next:

The success of this feature has been observed not only at T1CON but also at other events, such as TIOT fan concerts. 

To improve the fan experience, the company plans to develop its services further. 

Over the past year, b.stage has expanded its services by integrating fan communication tools like 1:1 TALK and ASK into the b.stage POP feature.