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bemyfriends Touts Global Expansion of b.stage

Source: bemyfriends

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - bemyfriends announced its platform's global expansion and metrics at its inaugural Media Day. 

The company's b.stage platform, a fandom community management solution, is now actively used in 224 countries worldwide.

Co-CEO Brice Kiyoung Lee noted that b.stage users span the entertainment spectrum, including K-POP, e-sports, creators, and traditional entertainment. 

He highlighted that 41% of bemyfriends' 100+ customers generate revenue through b.stage's integrated membership or eCommerce tools.

Chief Strategy Officer Aaron Sanghun Bae presented data-driven insights into fandom trends in 2024. 

He highlighted the platform's international appeal, supporting five languages with integrated payment and shipping systems for over 210 countries.

The company announced a new Japanese subsidiary, citing the country's J-pop potential and interest in helping Korean artists enter the Japanese market.

Co-CEO Steve Wooseok Seo emphasized bemyfriends' global ambitions and holistic approach.  

"With our proven capabilities in the fandom business, we want to enable more artists, brands, and IP owners to connect with their fans meaningfully," Seo said. 

The company plans to expand its consulting services, offering IP business advice, e-commerce expertise, and access to its new "data labs" feature to enhance client data analysis.