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bemyfriends & TREASURE HUNTER: Shaping the Next-Gen Creator Economy

Source: bemyfriends

Seoul, South Korea - TREASURE HUNTER, a leading South Korean MCN (Multi-Channel Network) company, is teaming up with bemyfriends, a global fandom business company.

Why it matters:

This project could significantly impact an industry characterized by reliance on third-party platforms and a subscriber-centric model.

The Key Points

  • The collaboration aims to empower creators to build their revenue models and improve the quality of their content.
  • A toolkit based on b.stage will enable creators to build direct-to-consumer (D2C) platforms, reducing the need for third-party platforms.
  • The company aims to tailor business models to the needs of individual creators and promises to bring in experts from the fandom business, IP business, and global eCommerce to provide tailored advice.
  • This team is designed to address the unique needs of creators across multiple industries, increase ownership, and accelerate growth.

The Big Picture

TREASURE HUNTER, which serves over 1,000 creator teams worldwide, is focused on scaling its business by partnering with technology companies.

Bemyfriends, on the other hand, has a history of expanding its business across sectors, from K-Pop to individual YouTube creators.

The collaboration aims to create a "virtuous cycle" that gives creators control of their revenue and content quality, offering them an alternative to the current subscriber- and platform-centric models.

What they say

  • Jae-Ryong Song, CEO of TREASURE HUNTER, says the goal is to view creators as "self-reliant entrepreneurs" and help them manage their customer base independently.
  • Brice Lee, Co-CEO of bemyfriends, points out that dependency on platforms negatively affects creators' revenue stability and content quality.

Therefore, this collaboration aims to mitigate these issues by giving creators the tools to build their own D2C platforms, giving them more control over their revenue streams and content.