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BINGE Korea Launch: LG's Push for Global K-Content Access

Source: LG Electronics

LG Channels Expand K Content Availability to 23 Countries.

Why it matters: LG Electronics (LG) is adding more Korean programming (K-content) to its free streaming service, LG Channels.

The move will expand K-content availability to viewers in Australia, Europe, and Latin America.

The Key Points

  • LG's expansion follows a strategic partnership with NEW ID, a South Korea-based digital content and platform distributing company. NEW ID is part of the NEXT ENTERTAINMENT WORLD media group.
  • In June, LG integrated YTN, Korea's 24-hour news service, into LG Channels in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Europe. The move expanded LG's K-content globally, offering LG Smart TV users in these markets more than 40 channels of Korean news, entertainment, lifestyle shows, K-dramas, K-pop, and animation without requiring a paid subscription.
  • BINGE Korea will include popular Korean TV shows and K-dramas. In addition, NEW ID's NEW KMOVIES channel will offer a variety of drama titles and a comprehensive K-pop platform.
  • In 27 global markets, LG Channels can be easily accessed via the Magic Remote or the LG Channels icon on the LG Smart TV's home screen. Users can also access LG Channels via the antenna by selecting the Live TV button, allowing simultaneous browsing of broadcast TV channels and LG Channels.

The Big Picture: LG Channels is expanding its library of premium K-content and establishing itself as a powerful platform for broadcasting Korean news, entertainment, and culture to a global audience.

The addition of BINGE Korea and other diverse content offerings is part of this strategic expansion.

This move demonstrates LG's commitment to enhancing its service and adapting to the growing popularity of K-content worldwide.