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The One-Day Delivery Service: A Game-Changer for the Korean Fashion Industry.

Source: Pickool

South Korean fashion startup Brandi has shaken up the industry with its one-day delivery service, Harubaesong.

Launched in May 2020, the service offers three options: night arrival, dawn arrival, and tomorrow arrival, with 99.3% of Brandi customers expressing a desire to repurchase after using the service.

Before Brandi’s experiment, the Korean fashion industry’s standard delivery time was two days.

Still, the company has managed to cut this down by using an AI-based fulfillment management system to predict demand and pre-order products, partnering with logistics start-up Team Fresh and focusing on its fulfillment management.

The success of Brandi’s one-day delivery service has prompted other fashion and beauty brands, such as TonyMoly, to offer similar services.

Who invested in Brandi?

StageTimeAmountVenture Capitalists
Series CSep. 2020KRW 10B
(US$ 9M)
Naver (KR)
Series CMar. 2020KRW 21B
(USD 18M)
SBI Investment (JP)
Atinum Investment (KR)
Mirae Asset Venture Investment (KR)
DSC Investment (KR)
Sema Translink Investment (KR)
Korea Investment Management Co. (KR)
Series BFeb. 2019KRW 6B
(USD 5M)
Mirae Asset Venture Investment (KR)
DS Asset(KR)
Sema Translink Investment (KR)
Series AJul. 2017KRW 6.4B
(USD 5.3M)
DS Asset(KR)
Big Basin Capital (US)
Sema Translink Investment (KR)
Pre-ADec. 2016N/ABig Basin Capital (US)
Pre-AOct. 2016N/ANTels(KR)
Pre-AJul. 2015KRW 500M
(USD 420k)
DSC Investment (KR)
SeedJul. 2015N/ANtels(KR)
Won & Partners (KR)

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