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Brazilian Legal Tech Wins at 2023 Web Summit Pitch

Photo by Ramsey Cardy/Web Summit via Sportsfile

Lisbon, Portugal - At the recent PITCH startup competition at Web Summit, Brazil's Inspira emerged as the winner, beating out more than 100 competitors.

The company specializes in legal software. Its continued success underscores its commitment to making legal information more accessible.

Why It Matters

Inspira's win at PITCH symbolizes its role in the evolving legal tech sector.

Winning at a prestigious global event like Web Summit underscores the company's growing influence.

The competition showcases emerging technologies and their potential impact on traditional industries.

The Key Points

  • Inspira, based in Brazil, specializes in software for the legal industry and aims to democratize access to legal information.
  • Cognimate and Kinderpedia were the runners-up in the final round of the PITCH competition, which was judged by a panel of judges from various technology and investment sectors.
  • Web Summit 2023 attracted 70,236 attendees and 2,608 startups from 153 countries.
  • The Summit featured multiple startup investor meetings and masterclasses and is recognized for its role in the global tech community.

What They Say:

Henrique Ferreira, co-founder of Inspira, hailed the win as a significant milestone and emphasized Lisbon's strategic importance to Inspira's growth. 

He also highlighted the company's focus on integrating technology into the legal sector, which began with remote operations during the pandemic.

What Comes Next:

Looking ahead, Inspira's win at the Web Summit represents a step forward in its journey to transform the legal sector through technology. 

The company's approach to integrating digital solutions in the legal industry indicates a broader trend of technology integration in traditional industries.