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Burger King Sees Growth with Moloco's Machine Learning

Source: Moloco

Why it matters: Burger King Korea has partnered with Moloco to increase its app-based revenue and acquire valuable users through Moloco's cloud DSP platform.

This strategic collaboration demonstrates the potential of machine learning technology in digital marketing campaigns.

Key Points:

  • The alliance allowed Moloco to apply its advanced machine learning models and leverage Burger King's first-party data to curate efficient ad campaigns. The primary goal was to attract high-value users to the Burger King app and drive traffic to its ordering service, King Order.

  • To address rising acquisition costs through traditional channels, Burger King explored alternatives outside the "walled garden" of large tech companies' restricted platforms. A key challenge was ensuring the appropriateness and safety of the brand's advertising.

  • Burger King Korea worked with data analytics and marketing automation consultancy NNT to integrate Moloco's ad automation platform, Moloco Cloud DSP.

  • As a result, Burger King saw a significant 28% monthly increase in app installs, with a cost per install (CPI) 30% lower than other media. In addition, daily active users (DAUs) increased by 7%, and purchase volume increased by 4%, resulting in increased revenue.

The Big Picture: This partnership between Moloco and Burger King illustrates the transformative role of machine learning in marketing.

It is an example of how machine learning can automatically optimize campaigns, allowing companies to focus on their creative strategies and achieve their goals.

It also points to the increasing use of machine learning technologies to drive customer engagement, business growth, and revenue generation.