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COMEUP Debuts Digital Platform for Startup-Investor Engagement

Source: Korea Startup Forum

Korea Startup Forum Launches Online Business Matching Platform for COMEUP 2023.

Why it matters: Korea Startup Forum has launched an online business matching platform, expanding opportunities for startups and investors to connect outside traditional event-based settings.

The Key Points

  • The platform, announced on July 18, allows startups and investors to create profiles and set up meetings.
  • More than 900 startups from over 50 countries and over 100 venture capital firms have registered.
  • The platform aims to provide insights into investors' portfolios and allows them to view startup information, including funding rounds.
  • COMEUP 2023, which takes place November 8-10, will highlight the platform, with a pitching competition scheduled for August 18.
  • The platform is off to a strong start, with more than 900 startups already registered, including notable companies such as Draph, an AI image generation service; Bering Lab, which provides AI-based machine translation for the legal and IP industries; and Lansik Inc, which offers weight loss solutions via a continuous glucose monitor.
  • The global reach is evidenced by the participation of promising startups from over 50 countries and the registration of over 100 prominent venture capital firms, including 500 Global, Logitech, Vertex Growth, Mashupangels, Bluepoint, and FuturePlay.

The Big Picture: The digital platform transcends the limitations of location and event-based interactions, reflecting the trend of increasing digital solutions in the startup sector.

By creating a space where startups and investors can interact, Korea Startup Forum aims to foster more global connections, as evidenced by international participation.

Korea Startup Forum CEO Josh Choi mentioned the platform's goal to help early-stage startups connect with potential investors, making COMEUP more than an annual event.