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Coupang Enters Live Streaming Commerce Market, Seeking Expansion

Source: Coupang

Softbank-backed Coupang is entering the live-streaming commerce market, according to a recent job posting on its career website.

The company is looking for professionals with live-streaming commerce backgrounds for partnership & sales, and merchandising positions.

Coupang's acquisition of the software division of Hooq, a Singapore-based video-on-demand streaming service, fueled speculation about its live-streaming commerce plans in July.

However, the job posting suggests Coupang will focus more on mobile than web-based live commerce, working primarily with open-market products and collaborating with current merchandisers and external partners.

The move appears to follow in the footsteps of Amazon, which launched its "Amazon Live" service earlier this year.

Like Amazon Live, Coupang's live-streaming commerce is expected to focus on mobile platforms and third-party merchants.

Live streaming commerce is becoming increasingly popular among Generation Z consumers seeking interactive and real-time online shopping experiences.

Coupang's main competitor, Naver, has also been proactive in the live-streaming commerce market, acquiring JAM Live and offering live-streaming commerce capabilities to its third-party merchants since March.

In addition, Kakao, another IT giant, offers live-streaming commerce through its Kakaotalk messenger channel.

The move into live-streaming commerce is expected to accelerate Coupang's third-party revenue and create synergies with other businesses.

In addition, the Company's live-streaming commerce business is expected to attract a more diverse audience and strengthen its advertising efforts.

With the entry of significant IT and e-commerce players, the live-streaming commerce market is expected to expand rapidly.

For example, in 2019, live-streaming commerce in China will generate approximately $61 billion in transactions, with more than 100 million viewers watching live online video events monthly.

In South Korea, the total T-Commerce market size was estimated at KRW 5.73 trillion (US$4.9 billion) last year.