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Creatrip Launches AI Chatbot 'Language School Genie' to Assist Foreigners in Korean Language Schools

Source: Creatrip

Creatrip has launched "Language School Genie," a GPT-3-based chatbot designed to help foreigners choose the right Korean language school.

The AI chatbot, integrated into the Korean language school service on the Creatrip platform, provides students with essential information on admission policies, nearby transportation, and tuition fees.

Language School Genie is currently available in Chinese to serve the Taiwanese market with the most extensive user base.

However, Creatrip plans to expand the chatbot's language offerings to include English and other languages.

By implementing word embedding and an automated AI verification process, Language School Genie ensures accurate and reliable information for users.

This technology eliminates "hallucination," a common problem where AI learns from unlabeled data and provides incorrect answers.

Gyuhee Han, the deputy CEO of Creatrip, believes that introducing Language School Genie will enable the company to provide customized AI services to a global audience, increase application rates for language schools, and improve the overall user experience on the platform.

"We will continue to improve the accuracy of our AI to help global customers find the information they need faster within the Creatrip service based on their content," said Han.

Creatrip is a comprehensive platform that provides travelers with valuable information on various aspects of visiting Korea, including travel, language, and shopping.

With an impressive 30% of Taiwanese travelers as users, the platform has become a leading resource for tourists worldwide.