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CUE: NAVER's Leap in AI-Powered Search Solutions

Source: Naver Corp

Seoul, South Korea - NAVER (KRX: 035420) has integrated its generative AI search service "CUE:" into its current integrated search platform. 

The move signals a shift in online search techniques from traditional keyword-based queries to more advanced sentence-based query processing.

Why It Matters:

Integrating CUE:" into NAVER's search platform is significant because it represents a fundamental shift in online search. 

Moving away from keyword-based searches to more intuitive sentence-based queries could impact how users interact with search engines and retrieve information.

The Key Points

  • Interactive query processing: CUE:" enables the processing of complex, advanced interactive queries, providing immediate answers at the top of search results, as opposed to traditional iterative search methods.
  • Service integration: The AI service is integrated with various NAVER offerings to provide timely, high-quality answers from NAVER's knowledge base.
  • Intent and context recognition: Designed to understand the intent and context of user queries, CUE:" strives to provide relevant information in a single search, as opposed to the multiple attempts often required by traditional search methods.
  • Adaptive Response Mechanism: System responses are tailored based on the nature of the query, whether conversational or specific, especially in scenarios that require recommendations or detailed guidance.

What They Say:

Kim Kwang-hyun, CIC of NAVER Search, noted that integrating "CUE:" is expected to improve the efficiency and speed of obtaining search results. 

He noted that generative AI technology is central to this improvement and is a step toward making NAVER a more competitive platform that combines content and services.

What Comes Next:

“CUE:" is currently available on the PC platform, with plans to expand its availability to mobile platforms next year. 

This expansion is part of NAVER's broader strategy to enhance and diversify its service offerings, leveraging the capabilities of generative AI to improve the user experience and accuracy of search results. 

The impact of these developments on the broader search engine market and user search habits will interest industry observers and users alike.