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Danggeun Market: Disrupting the Second-Hand Good Trading Market in South Korea

Source: Danggen Market

Danggeun Market, a location-based direct trading platform for second-hand goods in South Korea, has seen significant growth in average monthly users (MAU) over the past year.

According to Mobile Index, Danggeun’s MAU increased from 1.8 million in May 2019 to 6 million in May 2020, outpacing competitors Bungaejangter and Joongo Nara.

Danggeun’s success can be attributed to its focus on increasing user trust through location-based transactions and using artificial intelligence to filter out wholesalers.

In addition to its commerce offerings, the platform has positioned itself as a community-based service, offering information on local services such as missing pets and trusted doctors.

The platform has solid support among female users in their 30s and 40s.

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