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Daum CIC Revamps Mail Services, Launches TimeTalk on Daum News

Source: Kakao Corp

Why it matters: Daum CIC, a subsidiary of South Korean tech giant Kakao, has updated its Daum Mail and Kakao Mail platforms.

These changes aim to improve overall user experience and service accessibility, which could affect the company's customer retention and engagement.

Key points:

  • The user interfaces of Daum Mail and Kakao Mail have been redesigned for more straightforward icons, text, and enhanced navigation.

  • A dark mode and features to increase accessibility for disabled users have been included.

  • The platforms now allow account switching between Daum Mail and Kakao Mail for users operating the same Kakao account, enhancing service integration.

  • Daum CIC launched a mobile webmail service for Kakao Mail and a 'Scheduled Sending' feature, expanding accessibility and user options.

  • Daum CIC unveiled the beta version of TimeTalk, a real-time chat comment service for Daum News, shifting the company's approach to news consumption and user engagement.

The Big Picture: These updates reflect Daum CIC's and Kakao's broader efforts to innovate their platforms and improve the online community's health.