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Don’t Miss Out On The Startup Funding: the First Week Of 2021

Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

Here is the investment news for Korean startups from 4th January 2021 to 10th January 2021. Let’s move on.

It is now the beginning of the year. Twenty-four startups secured funding this week, totaling KRW 262.7 billion (US$240 million).

Kakao Enterprises secured its Series A funding with KRW 100 billion (US$ 92 million) from KDB. Kakao Enterprise’s attracted investment broke the KDB Bank’s single investment amount record since it was established.

The post-money value of Kakao Enterprise is KRW 1.1 trillion (US$ 1 billion).

The business model of Kakao Enterprise is enterprise SW. Its solution – similar to Slack – is in the area of Communication SaaS service.

Jiran Comms attracted 1/100 of the investment amount compared with Kakao Enterprise this week.

1. Pre-IPO, Series D, and Series C Funding

StartupAmountBusiness ModelInvestor(s)
SAMG Animation
(US$ 15M)
Animation production studioNH Investment & Securities
Sangsang Ventures
GAIA Venture Partners
Capital One
History Investment Management
4D Replay (D)KRW 16B
(US$ 15M) 
Image and video processing for sports content analysisUBIQUOSS Investment
J Tsai Sports Enterprises
Intocell (C)KRW 34B
(US$ 31M)
Development of targeted anticancer drugsAtinum Investment
Winvest Venture Capital
K Net Venture Capital
Seoul Investment Partners
ST Capital
Friend Investment Partners
DA Value Investment
Orbit Partners
Brave New
Dable (C)KRW 14B
(US$ 13M)
Media Curation PlatformKB Investment
SV Investment
K2 Investment Partners
Kakao Ventures

2. Series B Funding

StartupAmountBusiness ModelInvestor(s)
(US$ 18M)
Agritech StartupMagna Investment
Main Street Investment
AKA IntelligenceKRW19B
(US$ 17M)
AI-based communication RoboticsEOGF Partners
QUAD Investment Management
Sangbum KIM
(US$ 9M)
Personalized luxury goods recommendation eCommerceNeoplux
SV Investment
Yuanta Securities
KT Investment
Mirae Asset Ventures
Home Meal Replacement manufacturerLB Investment
SV Investment
Design PlatformG N Tec Venture Capital

3. Series A funding

StartupAmountBusiness ModelInvestor(s)
Kakao EnterpriseKRW100B
(US$ 90M)
Communication Tool and Cloud Service.KDB Bank.
Superb AIKRW11B
Data processing for AI and Big Data AnalysisAtinum Investment
Premier Partners
Stonebridge Ventures
Asset management serviceKB Investment
SNU Tech Holdings
KTB Securities
P&P Investment
On-demand Online communication SWStrong Ventures
Behigh Investment
Klim Ventures
Nine CorporationKRW2.1B
Game engine based on BlockchainNaver D2SF
Honest Ventures
We Ventures
Block Crafters
SendyKRW 1B
(US$ o.9M)
Logistics Brokerage ServiceKorea Venture Investment
Behigh Investment
Jiran CommsKRW 1B
(US$ o.9M)
Enterprise Communication SWLaguna Investment
RidefluxN/AAutonomous Driving SWSocar

4. Pre-A Series Funding

StartupAmountBusiness ModelInvestor(s)
PlatingKRW 1.3B
(US$ 1.2M)
Food and Catering delivery ServiceStrong Ventures
GatdaKRW 1B
(US$ 0.9M)
Mobile Based Garbage Processing ServiceShinhan Capital
Shinhan Investment
Impact Square

5. Seed Funding

StartupAmountBusiness ModelInvestor(s)
(US$ 90k)
Door control system based on roboticsCompany A
KDACN/AAsset management based on BlockchainShinhan Bank
HD JunctionN/AEMR System and ManagementNaver D2SF
Awake CorporationN/ASocial Media Analysis ChatbotBuzzvil
KaierN/ADeep-tech AIFutureplay