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Marketing ZEN: A Sustainable, Purpose-Driven Approach to Marketing

Source: Shinji Tanaka

Shinji Tanaka, content marketing consultant, author, and co-author of Marketing ZEN, recently introduced the concept of Marketing ZEN to promote sustainable and purpose-driven marketing.

His recent book and LinkedIn Newsletter (LINK) reveal the perspective of Marketing ZEN.

The concept grew from a collaboration between Tanaka and Mikio Shishido, who believe in the power of Zen and mindfulness in the business world.

The Marketing ZEN concept comes when companies are under increasing pressure to prioritize purpose over profit and rethink their marketing strategies in the face of regulatory changes and criticism.

Companies need to find new ways to manage their business and marketing, and the Zen approach could provide a powerful alternative to traditional growth-oriented methods.

Marketing ZEN encourages companies to listen to their inner voice, discover their mission, and focus on sustainable environments and partnerships rather than just profits.

This approach contrasts with conventional marketing methods, which often exploit consumer data and manipulate behavior, causing psychological stress for customers and companies.

The Western marketing industry has begun to explore the potential of Zen.

Renowned marketing expert Philip Kotler emphasizes self-transcendence in his latest book, Marketing 5.0.

Marketing ZEN seeks to bring humanity back into business by promoting a more customer-centric approach.

Ultimately, it promotes circularity and sustainability in business operations and the global environment.

By embracing the concept of Marketing ZEN, companies can work toward bridging the gap between businesses and consumers that an overly capitalistic economy has widened.

By embracing the principles of Zen, companies can prioritize customer relationships and contribute to a more sustainable and harmonious future.

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