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EV Link Develops Fast and Accurate Battery Management System for Electric Vehicles

Source: EV Link

The growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) has led to increased use of batteries, and the industry is looking for ways to reuse and recycle them.

Technology that can accurately diagnose the remaining life of EV batteries is essential to achieve this goal.

In response, EV Link has developed a Battery Management System (BMS)-a based diagnostic tool that can quickly and reliably diagnose the remaining life of EV batteries, also known as used batteries.

The diagnostic tool, available in light and pad versions, can diagnose the State of Health (SOH), State of Balance (SOB), and State of Charge (SOC) of used batteries within five minutes.

This new tool improves on existing diagnostic methods that can be time-consuming and uncertain.

The EV Link diagnostic tool can check the status of each cell, providing more accurate information about battery reuse.

The Korea Environment Agency, part of the Ministry of Environment, is working on a project to establish a performance evaluation system using BMS information.

EV Link’s fast and accurate diagnostic tool has been evaluated as more reliable than 98.5% of existing technologies.

EV Link’s product measures the performance of used batteries and enables quick and accurate diagnosis of used batteries for the used car trade.

The company has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korea Automotive Diagnostic Association to develop a process for measuring the value of used cars using the Rapid Accurate Diagnostic Device.

In addition, EV Link has partnered with Insun Motors to diagnose the performance of used batteries and establish standards for reuse and recycling.

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