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Fire Engulfs Tesla Electric Vehicle in South Korea

Source: National Fire Agency

A Tesla electric vehicle in South Korea recently caught fire while driving on June 4, renewing safety concerns about the lithium-ion batteries used in electric cars.

Why It Matters: As electric vehicles become more popular, these instances of spontaneous combustion underscore the importance of improving safety measures and fire suppression technology.

The Key Points:

  • A Tesla vehicle caught fire on the street in Jeonju, South Korea. It took firefighters approximately three hours to bring the fire under control.

  • The driver of the car reported that it began emitting smoke while driving. The driver was evacuated unharmed.

  • Firefighters used portable water tanks to fight the flames and prevent the battery from re-igniting, a known challenge in EV fires.

  • The exact cause of the fire is under investigation. The extent of the property damage is also being assessed.

The Big Picture: This incident adds to a string of fires involving Tesla vehicles in recent years, spotlighting the safety of electric cars.

The investigation into this incident will provide more data on potential triggers and preventative measures, contributing to the global discourse on EV safety and design.