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FLNK: Revolutionizing Global Fandom Engagement with Live Streaming Solutions

Source: FLNK

BeMyFriends‘ recently launched FLNK, a live-streaming platform to facilitate communication and relationship-building between global fans and artists. 

FLNK, which stands for ‘Link’ between ‘Fandom’ and Artists, offers real-time interaction through its dedicated website where global entertainment companies can host live events accessible via PC and mobile devices.

To help clients run live events such as online fan meet-ups and autograph signings, BeMyFriends has organized a dedicated live-streaming team. 

This team provides comprehensive support, from event planning to monitor high-quality video broadcasts. 

They also provide real-time Korean, English, and Japanese subtitles to enable two-way communication with fans worldwide.

FLNK enhances the live streaming experience with additional services, including global e-commerce and exclusive multilingual content. 

Fans in 208 countries can purchase merchandise and digital passes related to the live streams, while exclusive content, such as artist interviews, is available in multiple languages. 

Well-known global artists like KARA, TRENDZ, and tripleS actively engage with fans through FLNK.

BeMyFriends COO Bae Sang-hoon acknowledged the rapid growth of the global live-streaming market since the pandemic. He believes FLNK offers unique value by providing comprehensive solutions from live event planning to merchandise and exclusive content sales. 

BeMyFriends plans to strengthen its technology and services to help more artists, brands, and creators connect with fans and build successful businesses through FLNK.

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