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Future Play Launches Innovation Consulting Group for B2B Business Consulting

Photo by Medienstürmer / Unsplash

Future Play has launched the Innovation Consulting Group (ICG), a B2B advisory group that will lead the way to new business opportunities.

As an accelerator, Future Play has a decade of experience in discovering and supporting startups.

ICG will leverage this knowledge to provide rapid and innovative business advice to companies looking for promising opportunities for the future.

ICG will offer three primary services.

The first is the ‘Future Disruption Index’ service, which uses data from the investment histories of successful investors to identify new and promising companies.

The second service is planning and implementing new companies, including market proof of concept and product development.

Finally, ICG will continue to offer the strategic program ‘TechUP+’, which helps startups with business alliances, investments, and acquisitions.

TechUP+ has already successfully worked with companies such as Mando, Nongshim, Samsung Welstory, Amorepacific, and IGIS Asset Management.

Startups participating in the program can benefit from PoC opportunities with companies, financial support, and commercialization services from professional accelerators.

“There are many excellent consulting companies in the market, but Future Play has the distinct advantage of having watched startups grow over the past decade and grown the company in an agile way.” O (Oh-hyoung) Kwon, CEO and Partner of Future Play

He added that ICG should be a valuable resource for large and mid-sized companies looking to internalize the DNA of fast-growing startups.

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