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GoodGang Labs Secures Investment from Naver D2SF.

Source: Naver D2SF

Naver D2SF, a startup investment arm, has invested in GoodGang Labs, a company developing a 3D avatar-based communication platform.

Amid the rise of online communication solutions, GoodGang Labs aims to revolutionize communication by using 3D avatars instead of traditional video and voice methods.

The company is developing “human-to-avatar” technology that uses AI to translate users’ facial expressions and movements into 3D avatars in real time.

GoodGang Labs is currently testing “KiKi Town,” a real-time communication platform based on 3D avatars.

The web-based platform is easy to use, has no device or operating system limitations, and supports standard 3D avatar formats.

The company plans to collaborate with Naver Z to develop the avatar technology.

Positive feedback from alpha testers highlights the platform’s ability to convey facial expressions and gestures while reducing the burden of facial rendering.

The company is exploring market opportunities in various communication environments, such as online education, consulting, and business meetings.

Beta testing of KiKi Town in alpha is scheduled to begin in the third quarter. Plans are to expand into the B2B through a commercial SaaS API.

Sanghwan Yang, head of Naver D2SF, expressed confidence in GoodGang Labs’ ability to create new communication experiences with 3D avatars.

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