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Google and Naver Z Integrate PaLM 2 with Zepeto Avatars

Source: Naver Z

Google and Naver Z are redefining the metaverse by announcing a groundbreaking partnership integrating Google's next-generation Pathways Language Model (PaLM 2) with Zepeto's 3D avatars.

The collaboration was unveiled at the Google I/O 2023 conference and opened up new possibilities across multiple online platforms.

Zepeto avatars, known for enabling self-expression through customizable 3D characters, will now be powered by Google's PaLM 2, a leap that could redefine avatar interactions on and beyond the Zepeto platform.

This integration will enrich the Zepeto platform and expand its influence in the digital world.

The demo of this avant-garde integration presented at Google I/O is available to the developer community.

In addition, Zepeto's plans include launching a public API website, opening the door for developers to leverage the combined power of the Avatar SDK and PaLM 2.

Heesuk Ricky Kang, Head of Business at Naver Z, emphasized the unique value of Zepeto's avatars, rooted in individual autonomy and diversity.

He also hinted at potential collaborations with other Super AI models, such as NAVER's HyperClova X, hinting at a broader AI-integrated future for Zepeto.

Jay Ji, Senior Product Manager of Partner Innovation at Google, expressed his excitement: "We're thrilled to see Google's PaLM APIs powering Zepeto's avatars, allowing them to speak naturally."

He also promised continued service development to accommodate many brands, products, and services.