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HELPO' App Boosts Health Management at Ministop

Source: HELPO

Ministop adopts 'HELPO,' a round-the-clock online health service.

Why it matters: Ministop Corporation has partnered strategically with Healthcare Technologies to deploy its health application 'HELPO.'

As an essential part of Ministop's health management strategy, this partnership paves the way for employees to virtually access a wide range of health services, from consultations to over-the-counter medication purchases.

The Key Points

  • Ministop has implemented health promotion measures for its employees, such as specific health counseling, physical exercise, and mental health promotion.
  • Incorporating "HELPO" into employee health services is another milestone in these efforts.
  • Developed by Healthcare Technologies, a Softbank subsidiary, HELPO provides users with health consultations, hospital search services, and over-the-counter drug purchases. With HELPO, Ministop employees have round-the-clock access to a team of health professionals from Healthcare Technologies.
  • After consulting with health professionals through the app, Ministop employees can receive online medical treatment, purchase healthy foods and over-the-counter medicines, and deliver these items to their homes.

The Big Picture: Healthcare Technologies, established by SOFTBANK Corporation in October 2018, addresses various social issues in the healthcare sector through digital transformation.

With the launch of "HELPO" in July 2020, the company provides disease prevention and health promotion functions.

The platform allows users to search for suitable hospitals, purchase over-the-counter medicines, and conduct health consultations.

In addition to these services, the company introduced a "HELPO PCR Test Package" for individual saliva PCR testing and a "HELPO Remote Specific Health Guidance" in June 2021.

It will also launch a "HELPO" service for individuals in December 2022.

This collaboration between Ministop and Healthcare Technologies is a model for companies using digital health technologies to improve employee well-being.

As Ministop continues to promote health management initiatives with "HELPO," it may encourage other companies to follow suit, highlighting the importance of employee health and the potential of technology to deliver employee-centric care.