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How Naver Shopping Live's Short Clip Service is Helping SMEs Grow

Source: Naver 

Naver Shopping Live's "Short Clip" service is making significant progress as a new growth and sales channel for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with the service's gross merchandise value (GMV) doubling.

According to Naver, 80% of Short Clip content is generated by SMEs, contributing to more than half of the related GMV.

The Short Clip service began its beta phase in September last year, allowing users to sell products through approximately two-minute videos.

In the first quarter of this year, there was a 102% increase in Short Clip content and a 119% increase in participating merchants compared to the previous quarter.

Short Clips are more accessible to produce than hour-long live content, reducing the production and operational burden on sellers.

Consumers also benefit from Short Clips because they offer more than static images, providing a three-dimensional view of products and helping them make faster purchase decisions.

Merchants, especially SMBs, are actively participating in creating Short Clips.

SMEs that effectively leverage the selling points of each category have the potential to generate GMVs in the millions to tens of millions of won.

For example, "Yuratime," a fashion retailer, saw its Short Clip GMV increase by 187% last month.

Naver is further increasing the visibility of Short Clip ads to expand opportunities for SMEs to connect with users. It has launched a dedicated Short Clip exposure tab on the home page of its Shopping Live service.

It plans to add "auto-generated Short Clip creation capabilities" for replayed live content using Clova technology.

Naver Shopping Live also increases its marketing support to encourage more merchants to participate.

Blooming Days, a program that provides 500 merchants with additional live content exposure, saw over 30% of participants achieve GMV growth above 50%.