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Hyundai's Hydrogen Trucks Surpass 10M km in Swiss Fleet.

Source: Hyundai Motor Company

Seoul, South Korea—Hyundai's XCIENT Fuel Cell electric heavy-duty trucks have collectively traveled over 10 million kilometers in Swiss fleet operations, substantiating the dependability of the company's hydrogen fuel cell technology.

This noteworthy accomplishment was achieved in less than four years since the trucks commenced operations in Switzerland in October 2020. 

The XCIENT Fuel Cell is equipped with two 90-kilowatt fuel cell systems and a 350-kilowatt electric motor, collectively offering a range of over 400 kilometers. 

Compared to diesel trucks, the XCIENT Fuel Cell fleet has demonstrated a notable reduction in carbon emissions, which is equivalent to the carbon absorbed by approximately 700,000 pine trees annually. 

The trucks utilize only "green hydrogen," ensuring no carbon emissions are generated during production. 

This contributes to the establishment of an eco-friendly hydrogen value chain in Europe. 

Hyundai has announced its intention to analyze vehicle data to enhance its hydrogen fuel cell technology and apply it to various vehicles. 

Moreover, the company is engaged in creating a commercial hydrogen ecosystem. 

At CES 2024, Hyundai announced the expansion of HTWO, its hydrogen fuel cell system brand, to serve as the entire hydrogen value chain business brand for the Hyundai Group. 

This expansion is intended to facilitate the transition to a hydrogen society.