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Hyundai's Supernal Unveils Electric Flying Car Prototype

Source: Hyundai Motor Company

Las Vegas, NV - Hyundai Motor Group subsidiary Supernal unveiled its S-A2 electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft at CES 2024 this week, showcasing the company's ambitions in urban air mobility. 

According to Supernal, designed to carry a pilot and four passengers at speeds up to 120 mph, the S-A2 could offer 25-40 mile urban commutes as early as 2028.

The aircraft has eight tilting rotors and an electric propulsion system for quieter, more sustainable short-haul flights. 

Supernal said the S-A2 operates at a noise level comparable to a dishwasher. 

The company is focused on meeting commercial aviation safety standards by leveraging Hyundai's automotive design and manufacturing expertise.

Supernal also presented Vertiport concepts for eVTOL landing hubs integrated into existing transportation infrastructure. 

The company envisions the S-A2 and its associated Vertiports to solve urban traffic congestion in the coming years, using existing transportation modes. 

Advances in air traffic control and micro weather forecasting will support this.

Supernal aims to be the leader in urban air mobility.