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IONNA Targets 30,000 EV Chargers Across the US, Canada

Source: Ionna

Torrance, CA- IONNA, the high-performance EV charging venture backed by seven major automakers, has cleared regulatory hurdles and officially begun operations. 

The joint venture, which includes BMW, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Stellantis, has appointed Seth Cutler as CEO. 

Mr. Cutler comes to IONNA with a strong background in EV charging infrastructure, having led expansion initiatives at EV Connect and played a formative role in developing Electrify America's network.

IONNA has set an ambitious goal of deploying at least 30,000 high-power chargers across North America. 

The network prioritizes seamless in-car integration, enabling features such as in-app reservations, intelligent routing, and integrated payments while leveraging the expertise of its automotive partners.

IONNA expects its first U.S. locations to go live in 2024, with a phased expansion into Canada.

The joint venture will focus on convenience and amenities. 

Many charging stations will offer restrooms, food service, retail outlets, and weather-protected vehicle canopies.