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Kakao Enterprise Launches 'Kakao i Machine Learning".

Source: Kakao Enterprise

Kakao Enterprise has launched Kakao i Machine Learning, a platform that enables the efficient development of artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

The platform integrates and manages the process of AI model learning, reasoning, and distribution without requiring extensive infrastructure knowledge or operational expertise.

By incorporating the experience and expertise of Kakao research and development of AI models, Kakao i Machine Learning provides stability and practicality in AI development.

Kakao i Machine Learning reduces repetitive work in the learning process of AI models and enables iterative work and continuous monitoring of models through version management.

The platform also provides a GPU farm for efficiently using computational resources and reduces enterprise infrastructure costs.

Through Kubernetes-based cloud computing technology, Kakao i Machine Learning offers high compatibility, flexibility, and fast data processing, making it suitable for industries that use Big Data for AI research and services.

Optimized for AI commercialization, the platform enables machine learning engineers and developers to quickly deploy and manage AI models.

Kakao i Machine Learning also provides personalized workspaces and developer tools for convenient use.

IT administrators can grant access based on organizational roles, fostering collaboration between researchers and machine learning engineers.

Kakao i Machine Learning offers an intuitive web console, CLI, and an SDK that provides a stable and fast development environment for AI applications.

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