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Kakao Entertainment & SM's New K-pop Wave: Global Collaborations & Chart-toppers

Source: Kakao Entertainment

SEOUL, South Korea - The air in Seoul is exciting as Kakao Entertainment, in collaboration with giant SM Entertainment, introduces a fresh wave of K-pop that promises to resonate with global audiences.

1. Global Ventures: While managing chart-toppers such as IVE, Monsta X, and The Boyz, Kakao expands its reach by launching innovative collaborations to unite diverse talent.

2. Top Quality Productions: The brilliance in production quality is due to Kakao's ability to curate impeccable K-pop content. This, combined with contributions from renowned singers and music creators, raises the bar.

3. Spotlight Projects: Dive into exciting initiatives:

  • It'll Pass showcases Heize and Jung Seung Hwan's harmonious fusion of unique sounds.
  • Such a Thing adds a fresh twist to Park Hwayobi's classic with Paul Blanco's hip-hop touch.
  • Time Spent Walking Through Memories finds Sion, a new face with a mesmerizing voice, teaming up with 10CM to rework Nell's original melody. This song, part of the Project Memory series, reflects on themes of the past and allows artists to reimagine classic tracks. The world tuned in as the duet unfolded live on the YouTube platform, 1theK Live.

4. Bespoke Collaborations: Kakao presents Project Colors, highlighting artists' musical chemistry. Under this banner, "It'll Pass" featured Heize and Jung Seung Hwan, whose harmonies turned heads and sparked conversation.

5. Genre Experiments: In another endeavor, Project Change is on a mission to have artists cross unfamiliar genres. The reworked version of "Such a Thing" spotlighted Paul Blanco's hip-hop transformation of a Park Hwayobi ballad, whose impact was magnified by MeloMance's Jeong Donghwan's arrangement.

6. Global Expansion: With an eye on the global scene, Kakao's American ventures nurture talents like IVE and aespa, ensuring they get the spotlight they deserve. IVE's alliance with Columbia Records demonstrates such efforts. Meanwhile, Riize, SM's rising sensation, is attracting attention through its association with RCA Records ahead of its debut.

In short, Seoul's K-pop scene is evolving, with Kakao Entertainment and SM Entertainment at the helm, steering it towards international recognition.

The future of K-pop seems not only bright but dazzling.