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Kakao & SM Entertainment Launch Joint North American Entity

Source: Kakao Entertainment

SEOUL, South Korea - Kakao Entertainment and SM Entertainment announced plans for a joint venture in North America, indicating a broader reach in their respective expansion efforts.

Why it matters:

The formation of this integrated entity suggests an increased emphasis on the North American market by the South Korean entertainment giants.

It could reshape the dynamics of the global entertainment landscape.

The Key Points

  • Synergies: The partnership aims to combine SM Entertainment's intellectual property and production capabilities with Kakao Entertainment's music distribution and multi-label systems.
  • Global Focus: North America is expected to play a pivotal role as a central location for international entertainment endeavors. Expansion into other global markets, such as Europe, will be considered.
  • Artist Expansion: Through this collaboration, significant artists such as IVE (under Kakao Entertainment) and aespa (under SM Entertainment) have indicated plans to expand their activities in North America.
  • Talent and IP: The partnership will prioritize identifying and developing North American talent and intellectual property and seek collaborations with global record labels.

The Big Picture:

This collaboration between Kakao Entertainment and SM Entertainment may pave the way for other global alliances and partnerships in the entertainment industry.

With Joseph Chang, President of Kakao Entertainment America, spearheading this initiative and the combined strengths of both companies, there is potential for an increased presence in the international music market.