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Kakaostyle's ZigZag Launches AI-Powered Image Search: ZigZag Lens

Source: Kakaostyle

Seoul, South Korea - ZigZag, an eCommerce fashion platform powered by Kakaostyle, announced the launch of its innovative AI-driven image search tool, ZigZag Lens.

This cutting-edge feature makes it easier for users to find products similar to their favorite fashion items or those discovered on social media platforms.

Why it matters:

As eCommerce platforms evolve, users demand more intuitive and customized product discovery experiences.

ZigZag Lens, equipped with AI capabilities, meets this need by streamlining the search process in the fashion space.

The Key Points

  • AI-powered image search: ZigZag Lens allows users to take or upload photos of their favorite fashion items and quickly match them with similar products available on ZigZag. The service covers multiple fashion categories, including apparel, footwear, bags and accessories.
  • The technology behind the lens: ZigZag Lens leverages extensive fashion data collected on the platform using an attribute extraction model and image matching algorithm. The AI system evaluates vital attributes such as product type, color, pattern, fit, and material to curate relevant product suggestions.
  • Increased engagement: There's evidence that ZigZag Lens increases user engagement. From September 4 to 10, the click-through rate on product suggestions via the tool increased by 10% compared to the May pilot (May 16 to 31).
  • Ease of access: To use the feature, users simply tap the magnifying glass icon in the ZigZag app, followed by the lens icon in the search bar. They can either take a photo directly or upload one from their device.

The Big Picture

ZigZag Lens addresses the challenge many face when they can't articulate their desired products through text-based searches.

"The goal of introducing our AI-powered image search technology is to help users quickly find the products they want and discover a wider range of style options. To ensure optimal search results, our goal is to constantly refine our technology to reflect the dynamics of fashion trends."

Kakaostyle spokesperson