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KakaoTalk Opens Open Chat Tab for Interest-Based Communication

Source: Kakao

KakaoTalk, the popular South Korean messaging platform, is expanding its interest-based communication offering with Open Chat (Group Chat) launch as a separate tab on its app.

The service, which allows strangers with shared interests to chat without having to add friends by phone number or ID, is positioned as a hub with various interest where users can freely exchange ideas and build relationships.

Previously available on kakaotalk's second "chat tab," Open Chat will now have its third tab, increasing accessibility and convenience for users.

The new arrangement is designed to make sharing interests or hobbies easier and connect with strangers.

The Open Chat tab is expected to be available to users by the end of May.

By tapping the third tab on KakaoTalk, users can view their Open Chat rooms, new tabs, and keyword tabs.

The "What's New" tab provides daily updates of popular chat rooms for Open Chat users, recommending rooms based on common interests such as games, entertainment, finance, hobbies, socializing, and IT.

The Trending tab focuses on the latest trends, covering various topics from the KBO season to holiday road conditions, weather, and popular content such as webtoons, movies, and dramas.

In conjunction with the third tab, KakaoTalk is also launching a new service, 'Open Chat Lite', which offers a live chat-style room where users can casually communicate under various popular topics. Open Chat Lite will be rolled out to users gradually.

As KakaoTalk continues to develop Open Chat into a platform for interest-based communication without acquaintance, it also plans to take steps to ensure users' digital safety.

This includes strengthening the filtering of harmful content and operating a user reporting center.

The move underscores the company's commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive platform where users can freely interact around various interests without time or space constraints.