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Korea Blockchain Week 2024: Exploring Web3's Future

Source: Korea Blockchain Week

Seoul, South Korea - Now in its seventh year, Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) returns to Seoul with its flagship event, KBW2024: IMPACT.

From September 3-4, this comprehensive blockchain conference will explore the latest developments and emerging trends in the industry.

Hosted by FactBlock and Hashed, the conference will cover critical topics such as infrastructure, technology, cultural trends, and institutional growth. 

Attendees can expect panel discussions, in-depth keynotes, and interactive sessions with hands-on Web3 experiences.

The conference is designed to appeal to many people in the Web3 space. 

Academics and researchers can participate in deep dives into current projects and trends, while investors and founders can learn about the transition from Web2 to Web3.  

Financial professionals can discover the impact of blockchain on finance, and institutions have the opportunity to network and collaborate.

In previous years, Korea Blockchain Week has attracted industry heavyweights such as Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin. 

KBW2024 looks set to do the same as the industry continues to gain momentum across Asia.