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Source: KT

KT Group, in collaboration with its subsidiary KT StudioGenie and ENA, recently held the "KT Group Media Day" in Seoul.

Now in its third year, the event was an opportunity for the company to review its achievements in the media and content business over the past year and to introduce its media value chain and a new all-in-one set-top box (STB).

With an ambitious target of KRW 5 trillion in revenue by 2025, KT Group is stepping up content production and expanding its global reach.

KT StudioGenie produced 12 original dramas, and ENA produced 17 original entertainment programs last year.

Significantly, some of its content has made international waves.

For example, its drama "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" became a national phenomenon with a record 17.5% rating and a grand prize win at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

Global audiences have also embraced "Jongdal" and "I Don't Want to Do Anything," featured on international platforms such as Netflix and Amazon.

KT's focus on the viewer experience is exemplified by its new Genie TV all-in-one set-top box (STB).

The innovative design combines an IPTV set-top box, a wireless Internet router, and an AI speaker.

The device offers high-definition sound quality through a Harman Kardon speaker.

In addition, it supports Dolby Atmos and HDR10+, ensuring users enjoy a high-definition viewing experience that meets various TV brand and content specifications.

In the future, KT StudioGenie plans to expand its range of works and aims to broadcast 30 episodes by the end of next year.

The lineup includes dramas in genres such as thrillers and fantasy, strengthening the brand's originality and appeal.

On its first anniversary, ENA reported significant growth, with its channel ranking rising from 24th to 11th and revenues increasing by 67%.

ENA plans to consolidate this growth with a three-pronged strategy: aligning its content with the "Extraordinary Enjoyment" of its audience base, strengthening its original content, and globalizing its IPs to cover global OTT beyond TV channels.