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KT Growth Driven by Wireless, B2B, and AI Focus

Source: KT

Seoul, South Korea - KT (KRX: 030200, NYSE: KT) announced its financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013.

Key Highlights:

  • Consolidated revenue: KRW 26.39 trillion (YoY +2.9%)
  • KT standalone revenue: KRW 18.37 trillion (YoY +0.4%)
  • Consolidated operating profit: KRW 1.65 trillion (YoY -2.4%)
  • KT standalone operating profit: KRW 1.18 trillion (YoY +1.5%)

KT attributes its growth to a balanced performance in the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) segments.


Mobile business revenues grew 2.3% YoY, driven by an increase in 5G subscribers, now exceeding 9.83 million, representing 73% of total mobile subscribers.

Fixed revenues grew 1.0% YoY despite a 7.6% decline in demand for home telephones. High-speed Internet revenues, however, increased by 2.8% due to more gigabit subscribers.

The Media business recorded revenue growth of 2.3%, driven by higher IPTV subscriber ARPU and the expansion of the media ecosystem through GiniTV's OTT features and AI curation capabilities.

The enterprise services business, particularly in AICC, IoT, Smart Mobility, Smart Space, and Energy, showed notable growth due to increasing demand for digital transformation (DX) solutions.

KT's investment in AI and technology innovation continued with a KRW 33 billion investment in AI semiconductor startup Rebellions to strengthen its competitiveness in the full-stack AI business.

What They Say:

KT CFO Jang Min expressed optimism despite the challenging business climate, emphasizing its commitment to quantitative and qualitative growth through IT capability enhancement and fundamental business innovation in 2024.

The More

The company also highlighted its strong performance in core portfolio businesses, including finance, real estate, content, and digital transformation.

Notable achievements include BCard's annual revenue growth of 3.3%, KT Estate's revenue growth of 21.8% driven by office rental and hotel businesses, and KT Cloud's annual revenue of KRW 678.3 billion.