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KT Launches AI Virtual Human Video Creation Service

Source: KT

SEOUL, South Korea - KT (NYSE: KT) recently unveiled the KT AI Human Studio, a novel service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create virtual human videos. 

This development marks a significant advancement in the field of AI-driven content creation.

Why It Matters:

The KT AI Human Studio represents a fusion of technology and creativity, offering an innovative solution for video content creation.

This service could revolutionize how digital content is created and distributed, impacting multiple industries, including education, entertainment, and marketing.

The Key Points

  • Platform Accessibility: Accessible at allows users to create realistic videos using AI-generated human models and voices by simply typing text, bypassing traditional filming and editing processes.
  • Partnership and Technology: Developed in collaboration with CN AI, this service is the result of KT's ongoing efforts in AI. The AI's human models are synthetic creations, not based on real people, thus avoiding portrait rights and copyright issues.
  • Voice and speech features: Over 100 AI-synthesized voice options are available in multiple languages and emotions, adding versatility to the content produced.
  • Video quality and utility: The platform supports up to 4K resolution video and allows direct upload of PDF and PPT files, making creating educational or presentation-style videos easy.

What They Say:

Jun-ki Choi, head of KT's AI/Big Data business unit, highlighted the transformative potential of generative AI in content creation. 

"Generative AI enables easy, engaging content creation without time or cost constraints,"

Choi said. Choi also emphasized KT's ambition to continue to lead the digital content production industry through innovative AI applications.

What Comes Next:

In addition to offering free trials of six AI human models, KT plans to launch three subscription plans - Simple, Standard, and Premium - for professional content creators later this month.

Regular updates that will add new models and features will accompany these plans.