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KT Membership App Usage Surges 26% With Expanded In-App Benefits

Source: KT

Seoul, South Korea - KT (NYSE: KT) increased the number of monthly active users of its membership service by 26% in the past year after launching an "app within an app" feature.

Demographic insights:

  • Games and informational content are most popular among users aged 10-20.
  • The 30-40 age group prefers commerce, webtoons, and web novels.
  • Music services see higher usage among 40-50 year olds.

Integrated services:

The membership program works in synergy with the Group's services, offering new content monthly.

Services such as 'Genie Music' for music streaming, 'Blaise' for webtoons and web novels, and 'Giftishow' for mobile gift certificates are integrated into the membership application.

Unique features:

The app allows unlimited listening to 90 popular songs per month for only 1 point without launching Genie Music separately.

In-app Blaise service offers free webtoons and web novels or the option to purchase them with membership points.

Usage statistics:

Genie Music within the KT Membership in-app service records over 350,000 plays per month, with 40-50-year-olds accounting for 50% of usage.

KT notes that the 40-50 age group primarily uses the in-app music service.

Discount opportunities:

Membership points can be redeemed for discounts on products.

Madeleine, KT Membership's customized commerce service, has seen a tenfold increase in purchases in one year, indicating growing customer interest in membership discount products.

Madeleine is most popular with users aged 30 to 40, who comprise 60% of the commerce user base.

Interactive content:

The KT Membership app has significantly expanded its participatory content.

This includes a trend magazine 'Shorticle,' a points game 'Rabbitlat' and a daily horoscope 'Magical Tarotland.'

The strategic bundling and demographic targeting have paid off for KT, with over 400,000 members now using the membership app's content offerings monthly. 

KT plans to continue to enhance in-app features to drive adoption across all age groups.