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KT Partners with kt cloud and Samsung to Propel Korean AI Full-Stack Development

Source: KT Corp

Why it matters: KT (NYSE: KT), kt cloud, and Samsung Electronics have jointly signed a memorandum of understanding to develop next-generation memory technology.

This is an essential step toward creating an entirely domestic AI stack.

The Key points:

  • The MOU was signed at kt cloud's headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, in the presence of senior executives from the three companies.
  • The collaboration aims to improve AI full-stack capabilities by exploring memory impact analysis of large AI models, AI semiconductor platform research, and developing next-generation cloud solutions.
  • The AI full-stack refers to the broad range of AI-focused products and services, including AI semiconductors, software, cloud, and AI application services.
  • The partners plan to solve "storage bottlenecks" - inefficiencies that often cause stalled responses in AI services - by leveraging Samsung's intelligent infrastructure technology.

The Big Picture: The partnership plans to improve Korea's AI full stack and address storage bottlenecks in AI services.

The collaboration will leverage KT Cloud's extensive AI infrastructure, Samsung's upcoming semiconductor technology, and KT's AI solutions and technologies.

Ultimately, the vision of the collaboration is to expand the AI ecosystem across sectors and strengthen Korea's competitiveness in AI.