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KT Unveils Next-Gen AI Service Robots for Restaurants

Source: KT

KT Corporation (NYSE: KT) announced the launch of two next-generation AI service robots, expanding its product lineup to five models.

Developed by Bear Robotics and LG Electronics, the latest models offer improved driving stability and marketing utilization to meet the needs of South Korean restaurants.

The upgraded Bear Robotics AI service robot features a large weight-responsive tray, improved driving stability, and a four-level height-adjustable tray suitable for establishments serving various side dishes and soups.

A 10.1-inch display and LED/matrix LED options are available for advertising and guidance.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics' AI service robot features six independent suspensions, a lidar/3D camera, and enhanced driving stability. It can also function as a guide robot with a customer guidance mode that displays desired information on its screen.

A CMS (content management system) allows restaurants to display photos and videos on the 10.1-inch display for promotional purposes.

Both robots are equipped with the Smart Order service, which allows customers to place orders via tablets and kiosks and integrates with restaurant call systems.

The AI service robots respond immediately to the customer upon receiving a request.

The robots have been optimized to carry food and beverages stably in various indoor environments, such as uneven tile floors.

Their improved stability allows multiple robots to operate in the same space simultaneously.

KT plans to expand its service robots to indoor golf courses, PC centers, and small parts factories.