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La French Tech Seoul Marks 10 Years Connecting French, Korean Startups

Source: FKCCI

Seoul, South Korea / Paris, France - La French Tech, a French government-backed initiative to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the country's startup ecosystem, marks its 10th anniversary in 2023.

 La French Tech was launched in 2013 to spur the growth of French startups.

Its Seoul-based arm, La French Tech Seoul, also celebrates its 10th anniversary. 

Founded in 2016, La French Tech Seoul is part of a French government effort to assist French technology companies in expanding globally.

Why It Matters: 

As La French Tech completes its 10th year, it provides a window into the evolution of the tech industry and the broader ecosystem.

La French Tech Seoul's 10th anniversary highlights the growing collaboration between the French and South Korean tech ecosystems. 

The Key Points

  • La French Tech has expanded beyond France over the past decade to include extensive international networks facilitating connections within the global startup ecosystem. With strong government support, the initiative seeks to solidify France's position as a leading startup hub worldwide.
  • La French Tech Seoul has around 400 members and was created to link French startups with the Korean market. From October 16-22, it will hold anniversary events highlighting La French Tech's achievements and future objectives, including Tech4Good hosted by FKCCI.
  • Partnerships have formed between La French Tech Seoul and Korean accelerator programs, industry groups, and agencies, including the Korea Startup Forum's Comeup, Viva Technology, the Korea Accelerator Association, and K-Startup.
  • Collaboration between France and South Korea has grown in recent years. In 2022, South Korea was named Country of the Year at the VivaTechnology event in France, attended by 30 Korean startups led by the Minister of SMEs and Startups.

What They Say:

The French Tech Mission, which oversees La French Tech, stated t

he anniversary will "highlight the evolution of La French Tech while bringing renewed attention to the French startup ecosystem."
Nicolas Mercier, Co-President of La French Tech Seoul, said:

"The 10th anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on the shared innovation achievements between Korea and France. With around 30 unicorns and $4.5 billion in funding in 2022, the collaboration has shown tremendous potential."

What Comes Next?

There are approximately 17 memorandums of understanding connecting the French and South Korean technology startup ecosystems.

Plans also exist for a South Korean startup center in Paris and a fast-track visa program to facilitate travel between the countries for tech professionals.

The 10th-anniversary events aim to highlight progress made while setting future goals. With dynamic youth entrepreneurship in France and South Korea, the coming decade may see closer ties between these global tech leaders.