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Source: Sion Power

Seoul, South Korea / Tucson, AZ - LG Energy Solution (KRX: 373220) announced an equity investment in Sion Power, an Arizona-based startup specializing in lithium metal battery technology. 

The move is aimed at advancing next-generation battery technologies.

The investment is part of LG Energy Solution's strategy to lead in innovative battery technologies through LG Technology Ventures and Bricks Capital Management.

Deep dive into Sion Power

Sion Power's expertise: Founded in 1994, Sion Power holds 470 patents focused on lithium metal technology, particularly in combating dendrite formation, which affects battery life and stability.

Proprietary Technology: Licerion technology stabilizes lithium metal to improve battery energy, life, and safety.

Technology Features: The technology includes a proprietary lithium metal anode and a cell and pack compression system for optimal operation.

Patents and Specifications: Licerion products are protected by over 470 patents, with energy densities of 400 Wh/kg and 490 Wh/kg for various applications.

Lithium-Metal Batteries - A Shift from Lithium-Ion:

Key differences: Lithium metal batteries use a lithium metal anode instead of the graphite anodes used in conventional lithium-ion batteries, potentially offering higher energy efficiency.

Current challenges: Despite their potential, lithium metal batteries face commercialization hurdles, including safety concerns and battery degradation issues.

Current status: Commercial evaluation phase

Production milestones: Sion Power has produced 18,000 multilayer 6-20Ah lithium metal cells for EV use, a significant step toward commercial viability.

Real-world application: The company emphasizes that the Licerion technology has moved beyond the experimental stage, demonstrating its potential in real-world applications.

What comes next:

LG Energy Solution's investment in Sion Power reflects a broader industry trend toward developing more efficient, high-capacity battery technologies, focusing on lithium-metal batteries. 

Sion Power's advancements and commercial evaluation of its Licerion technology signal a potential shift in the battery technology landscape, particularly for electric vehicles.