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LG Electronics New Venture: DUOBO Capsule Coffee Machine

Source: LG Electronics

LG Electronics enters the capsule coffee market with 'DUOBO'.

Why it matters: LG Electronics has expanded its product line by announcing its entry into the capsule coffee market with a product called DUOBO, developed by LG Labs.

This development indicates LG's diversification into new sectors.

The Key Points

  • DUOBO features a dual capsule extraction system that allows users to blend two shots of coffee.
  • The product includes a mobile application that allows users to adjust brewing parameters such as temperature and pressure. It's also compatible with multiple brands of coffee capsules.
  • DUOBO's design is inspired by space exploration, and coincidentally, the product was launched on July 20, the Apollo 11 moon landing anniversary.
  • DUOBO features an integrated Full HD IPS display that provides users with animations and coffee-related information.

The Big Picture: LG Electronics' unveiling of DUOBO showcases the company's efforts in product diversification.

By partnering with renowned baristas to promote the product and opting for a crowdfunding approach via Kickstarter for its launch, LG is looking to gain a foothold in the coffee industry.

The long-term market impact of the product remains to be seen.