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LG Launches Primefocus Health for Home Healthcare

Photo by Jenny Hill / Unsplash

SEOUL, South Korea—LG Electronics (066570. KS) has announced the launch of Primefocus Health, a venture designed to transform home healthcare by implementing innovative technologies. 

The platform, supported by LG NOVA, empowers healthcare providers to deliver personalized care and enable patients to manage their health at home.

Primefocus Health will develop a remote monitoring platform that integrates non-invasive technology, electronic health records, and AI to track patient progress. 

The venture is designed to reduce the $52.4 billion spent annually on readmissions within 30 days of treatment, as reported by the National Institutes of Health.

According to Darren Sabo, CEO of Primefocus Health, the platform will extend care beyond the hospital, thereby reducing the strain on providers while maintaining patients' health. 

LG NOVA Executive Vice President Sokwoo Rhee emphasized LG's commitment to revolutionizing patient care in collaboration with Primefocus Health.