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LG Sets Record in 6G Terahertz Data Transmission

Photo by Igor / Unsplash

SEOUL, South Korea - LG Electronics announced that it has successfully transmitted and received 6G terahertz (THz) data over 500 meters, setting a new record for outdoor 6G testing in urban areas.

The experiment was conducted in collaboration with LG U+ at LG Science Park in Seoul earlier this month, marking a critical step for LG in its ongoing commitment to lead 6G telecommunications R&D.

Why it matters

This advancement follows LG's 2022 test, in which the company transmitted 6G THz data over a distance of 320 meters outdoors in Berlin, Germany.

The Seoul test extended the transmission distance and validated the practical applications of 6G in various communication scenarios, bringing the technology closer to commercial viability.

The Key Points

  • LG Electronics achieved wireless transmission and reception of 6G data over a distance of 500 meters in Seoul, surpassing previous records.
  • The test demonstrated the potential of 6G in various real-world connection scenarios, including building-to-building and ground-to-ground.
  • LG continues to invest in R&D and form strategic partnerships, underscoring its intention to lead the global transition to 6G.

The Big Picture

The practical implications of 6G technologies are far-reaching and far beyond improved data rates and lower latency.

The advanced capabilities of 6G will also prove critical to LG's future initiatives in autonomous driving, mobility solutions, the metaverse, and smart infrastructure.

Industry discussions on 6G standardization are expected to begin around 2025, with commercial launches starting in 2029.

Since 2019, LG has operated the LG Electronics-KAIST 6G Research Center in collaboration with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

The company is also collaborating with top academic institutions around the world. It has formed R&D partnerships for 6G development with institutes like Germany's Fraunhofer Institute.

Demonstrating its influence in shaping 6G technology standards, LG also chairs the Next G Alliance, a consortium overseen by the American Telecommunications Industry Association (ATIS).